If you are looking for a software developer/researcher specializing in:

then please get in touch. Update: I am not accepting client work as of early 2016.

About me

I started programming in QBasic when I was 11, and built my first website back in 1999. Since then, I’ve worked on numerous software development projects for startups, universities, non-profits, and established companies. I believe that good user interfaces are worth the effort, that users’ needs should come first, and that insights from data are valuable when designing software.

I recently completed my PhD doing UX research and data presentation optimization for public health information. My degree is from University of Maryland Baltimore’s epidemiology department, giving me a strong background in statistics, study design, survey methods, and causal inference. Including my PhD, I have 7 years of experience building software and analyzing data for public health research.

Please see my CV for more on my background and experience.